‘Archshooter’ is available on Steam Workshop!
Follow [this link] to download the game.
The game needs GameMaker:Studio to be executed.

Once upon a time, There was one of the various races that has ability to fly without wings. They are called as ‘Arche’. Ancestors of ‘Arche’ set the big island afloat to the sky by using their magics. They named this island as ‘Arche Cell’.

‘Arche’ People has not only ability about flying, but also making magical bullets by using their magic.

You will play as Sarah, who is a daughter of the ‘Monarch’. She has her dream to be Archshooter who is a chain of command about the national fields like economy and defense in the ‘Arche Cell’ World.

Meanwhile, there is a unknown terror organization that nobody knew who made, even who joined. That organization is called as ‘Templars’. They wanted to break down the ‘Arche Cell’ World, so they started to do their activities to break down the ‘Arche Cell’ World.

You must defend the attack of ‘Templars’ and save the world for.. everything you know.

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