Ace of Protectors 2

Welcome to your new adventure. The adventure is now ready for you.

The event with Dark Lord’s been finished by the Ace of Protectors. However, it’s not that your adventure is over. Estel and Yuri found a light that should have not existed in a cave when they were taking a rest. Also, they found the light had a special message which navigated something at that moment. Does that mean treasure or new enemies for them? Estel, Yuri and their friends are ready for their new adventure.


1) The wide Venux world for you
– The Venux world is now much wider than before. You’ll explore the world with more dungeons, friends .. and enemies.

2) 8-Way Character Movement System
– The previous game supports 4-Way Character Movement System which means players can move only up, down, left and right. Now the sequel supports 8-Way Character Movement System that can make players control much easier.

3) Perk System
– New feature for the game : PERK. You can get specific perks by doing specific actions. For example, When you cook anything many times, you’ll get a perk that strengthens your cook skill. Please make sure that you can’t get ALL PERKS. You may lose few perks when you get a new perk which is not related to them! (Of course, you can retake it anytime.) Every your action in the game will affect your perks.

4) Craft and cook
– Craft much more gears for your strength. There are now much more craft-able gears and items in the game than the previous game. Also, you can cook something edible for you. They are more effective than items sold from any shops.

5) Detailed side quests with stories
– Like the previous game, Most NPCs have side quests for you. However, now they have stories with them to let you get more interested in the game.

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